«I am the Teacher of Life, and now my primary task is to teach you how to see everything in your life again and in a new way, everything  that you have gained as experience in your history on this Earth and that you consider well known and even obvious. »

«I’m not the one who brings temptations to the clever ones, but I am the Light of your world.

And if I give something which your life depends on, then it is my concern that your understanding of my words is most accurate.

So when I come to you, I bring the Truth to all of you equally, and I am ready to explain everything on every level of your comprehension. »

Vissarion, The Last Hope

Teacher is the Word of the Heavenly Father, the hand of the Father of mankind outstretched to us. The Word of the Father, which is the only way our Great Father could give us the guidance that we need.

Teacher has been born only for us, for humankind, and only for our benefit, for us and for those yet to be born.

He was born to always see the essence of our mistakes, to see what is good for the soul, and to see what stands in the way of its development. His Spirit is always able to assess everything that concerns the development of the soul. And using the capabilities of His mind, Teacher shapes this knowledge in a form that will make it understandable and useful to man.

And coming to us, He does not ask for worship, but for self-sacrificing pursuance of what He has brought.

His Essence is woven from the Spirit of Truth, and we are all entitled  to find in Him any truth related to our own lives. He is an inexhaustible source, so if we want to drink, the only limit is our own ability to take what he gives.

His Teaching is the Grain which must now be laid in the soil, still keeping hope.

Heavenly Father always teaches us by means of showing, while His Son, His Word, Father has made so that He can teach us by means of talking, so that He might be incarnated from time to time at critical points in the formation of the humanity. And the incarnation of the Word of Father in the world is predetermined or must happen at a time of resolution of the destiny of mankind, a time when the point set by the Harmony of the Universe for us is approaching .

Teacher gives His Spirit equally to all of us, regardless of whether we take Him to heart or persecute him. Each of us can use Him to the measure of his own capabilities, since the Power of His Spirit is immeasurable, as It is connected with His Father.

And only those who truly take Teacher into his heart in greatest confidence, in a selfless striving to implement His Word, enable His Spirit to more and more influence on the quality of their soul over time.

And then anyone calling out to Teacher will be able to overcome the barriers of opposite forces, whatever they might be.

Note: Official translations of the Last Testament can be found on https://vissarion.world/