About Teaching of Vissarion

«The Last Testament is given to you at a critical moment in the development of humanity. It is given in order to accomplish the Great and Holy Synthesis of all existing religions…»

«The aim of the Last Testament is to lead to Salvation those children who are able to pass through the Gates of God’s Kingdom. These are the people striving for unity amongst themselves, so that as a single flare they may  give the boundless warmth of their souls to the surrounding world, and may be able to feel and carry the burden of agony of Mother Earth…»

«This is the mystery of the three Testaments, aimed to lead the children of God to the Kingdom of Heaven: the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Last Testament. They reveal the mysteries of Hope, Faith and Love, respectively.»

Vissarion, Pre-announcement

The teaching of Vissarion is widely accepted around the world and is increasingly recognized as being integral, logically flawless as well as morally clean and bright, which helps to resolve the confusion in our understanding of both God and man, the Creator of the Universe and our Heavenly Father — the Source of Love and Creator of the human soul.

According to the teaching, the essence of human being lies in spiritual development, in the expression of love and joy of life, and in creativity. Since spiritual tissue is different from material by virtue of its immortality, it is to live on Earth, and then further on in the Universe, forever. It is to warm the Universe through the warmth of the human soul, enriching it by the amazing laws of love. But for this it is necessary to initially establish the basis of the future of mankind in the right way.

The Last Testament includes within itself the Word of Vissarion and Vadim’s Chronicles of the meetings and trips of Teacher, the important events in His life and in the life of the Community. The newer chapters of The Last Testament are published as separate parts. Recently volume XVI was published, which includes part 23 and 24 of Vadim’s Chronicles.

The Last Testament can be read on this web page: https://vissarion.world/the-last-testament/