Community of Vissarion

Siberia, Tiberkul

The majestic taiga in the foothills of the Eastern Sayan, full of vitality and untouched for thousands of years by human presence and emotions…

According to ancient legends, the Aryans, who inhabited these lands several thousand years ago, prohibited hunting in these places, preserving them for the future when аt the dawn of the Golden Age the descendants of ancient Aryan tribes will gather again into one nation, giving rise to a new era in the history of mankind.

Now is the time of Truth. It has come to Earth again to gather into one nation all the children who feel the thirst for It…


In 1991, the Word of Vissarion sounded for the first time — the Preannouncement. In the same year, the first followers of His Doctrine appeared in Minusinsk, and in 1992, they began the formation of the Community here. Since the summer of 1993 Vissarion’s followers have been settling in the villages of the Kuragino and Minusinsk regions of Krasnoyarsk area, and this place was given the name of «the Promised Land.»

It attracted people from all over Russia, from countries both neighbouring and far away. In the second half of 1994, an initiative group of Vissarion’s followers proposed to set up an eco-settlement on  Mount Sukhaya near Tiberkul Lake. In 1998, this settlement acquired the official name «Abode of Dawn». Most of the followers settled in the villages near the settlement, also known as “the Mountain”: in Zharovsk, Gulyaevka, Cheremshanka, Petropavlovka, Tyukhtyat.

Temple in the Heavenly Abode

More than half of the adult population of the Community are people with higher education. The Community has a high birth rate (six-fold increase in population). Now there are over 4,000 people living in the villages of the Kuragino and Karatuz regions. The followers of Vissarion are vegetarians.

The general purpose is to create a community based on true spiritual relationships in a clean living environment. It is to exist close to the earth, meaning that most of life’s necessities will be made by the inhabitants’ own hands. It is to be a place  where new generations will grow up in a creative, non-aggressive environment, which first of all requires the development of a variety of crafts and arts.

Since 1997, the Community became a member of the International Ecological Union, as the Krasnoyarsk branch «Tiberkul», and is one of the largest in the world.